10 Months Abroad, in Numbers

How big I was smiling my entire trip (:

365 days ago I boarded a plane to Australia with a one way ticket and relatively no plan of what I was going to do once I landed.

I didn’t board a plane to fly back to California for 10 months, and that experience was easily the best of my life.

Pretty impossible to put it all into words, so here’s a picture of how big I was smiling the entire time, 😋 and I put my experience into numbers instead ** please don’t think this means I’m good at math, I still count on my fingers 🤓

10 months

4 continents

16 countries

2 backpacks

31 flights

17 busses

10 ferries

4 rental cars

1 camper van

Countless scooters

1 motorcycle

32 movies

11 books

5 TV series

Too many Spotify playlists

1 sailboat

1 cruise ship

6 pairs of sunglasses

1 lost luggage 

2 scuba dives

1 horseback ride

5 mountains climbed

2 volcanoes trekked

1 missed flight

30+ puppies I wanna adopt

4 music festivals

2 concerts

A handful of minor injuries

1 broken toe

7 hats

6 piercings

2 nights in a tent

2 nights in an airport

1 night in a hammock

1 racked up credit card

1 stolen wallet – by a monkey 

2 journals

12 currencies

1 wedding

Too many lost items

1 bout of food poisoning

5 new drinking games

So many special connections

Innumerable life lessons

Lots of amazing, life long friendships

And 1 experience of a lifetime

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